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Unsanctioned Athletics Racing Collective

UARC: The Unsanctioned Athletics Racing Collective.
Est. 2024.

A new breed of racing team. Fuelled by Maurten.

UARC Vest 2 Front.jpg

About UARC:

Through our race series, launched in 2023, we’ve shown how racing events can be redefined, to create experiences, excitement, drama, & been able to offer our winners tangible & valuable rewards for their efforts vs traditional events.

Now, a new & additional phase of our mission to redefine racing begins, with a fresh take on the athletics club.

UARC is an affiliated racing team, built with the primary purpose of supporting our athletes journeys, through brand & business partner
ships, that will help reduce the expense & alleviate some of the stresses of the pursuit of big performance goals.

UARC Vest 5.jpg

Mission & Vision:

We believe athletes with big performance goals need more support than is currently available to them via the traditional athletics club model.

We're here to change that.

Our partnership with Maurten will see our athletes fuelled by hydrogel technology throughout their training & racing endeavours.

Coaching support from the expert minds at Pursuit Performance will also be on hand to help our athletes unlock the most from their potential.

The team at Pyramid Performance are there to help our athletes perform with the help of data & insight.

We are here to make a statement on the start line. We believe that the classic race vest has become tired, caught in the weeds of tradition, suffering from a lack of imagination & creativity.

Designed by our very own George Rees Jones 
 & produced in partnership with SOAR, we’re proud to unveil the UARC race vest. You’ll be seeing our athletes on start lines very soon.

Using the creative arm of UA, we’ll also help build the profile of our athletes, again reducing the stress of an ever increasing reliance on individual content creation to get recognition in this game, allowing them to focus on their running & enabling their results to do the talking.

This is racing, redefined.

UARC Vest 5.jpg
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